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What's the difference between gbon and epon?

July 5, 2019

1, EPON and GPON use different standards, can be said to GPON higher point, can transmit more bandwidth, can bring more users than EPON. GPON originated from the early APON BPON technology of optical fiber communication. From this development, the ATM frame format was used to transmit the stream. EPON's E refers to interconnected Ethernet, so EPON was born with the requirement to be able to seamlessly connect with the Internet. Therefore, EPON's code stream follows the frame format of Ethernet. Of course, in order to adapt to optical fiber transmission, a layer of EPON-defined frame format is wrapped outside the frame format of the Ethernet frame format.
2, EPON's standard is IEEE 802.3 Ah. The basic principle of the IEEE's EPON standard is to perform the standardization of EPON as much as possible within the 802.3 architecture, and to minimize the expansion of the standard Ethernet MAC protocol.
3, GPON's standard is ITU-TG .984 series standards. The development of the GPON standard takes into account the support for traditional TDM services and continues to use a 125ms fixed frame structure to maintain 8K timing. In order to support ATM and other multiple protocols, GPON defines a new encapsulation structure GEM: GPON Encapsula TIonMetod. The data of ATM and other protocols can be mixed and encapsulated into frames.
4, in terms of application, GPON is larger than EPON bandwidth, its service load is more efficient, spectroscopic ability is stronger, can transmit more bandwidth service, achieve more user access, pay more attention to multi-service and QoS guarantee, but the implementation is more complex, This leads to higher costs compared to EPON, but with the large-scale deployment of GPON technology, the cost difference between GPON and EPON is gradually narrowing.
5, GPON and EPON protocol stack comparison
EPON and GPON each have their own advantages. GPON is superior to EPON in terms of performance indicators, but EPON has the advantage of time and cost. GPON is catching up. Looking forward to the future broadband access market may not be who replaces them. It should be coexistence and complementarity. For bandwidth, multi-service, QoS and security requirements and ATM technology as backbone network customers, GPON will be more suitable. For cost-sensitive, QoS, and non-demanding customer groups, EPON becomes the dominant.
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