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Industrial Switches Are More Widely Used In Security

October 30, 2020

As a special type of network switch products, industrial switches have been rapidly popularized in the field of security, and the number of applications has blowout-like growth. Nowadays, in industry, special industrial switches are usually used to define different priority levels of Ethernet frames so that the desired information can be transmitted at the fastest speed. Speaking of this, note that a new technical term, industrial switch, has emerged.


Industrial switches not only have durable design to operate in harsh industrial environments, but also have many useful management and monitoring functions.


Industrial switch products have the following characteristics:

1. Redundant power input, prevent single power failure.

2. Ring Topology, Providing Redundant Paths.

3. Build in high quality and high reliability parts to ensure long average trouble-free time.

4. It can be applied to super-standard temperature conditions, such as - 40 ~75 ℃.

5. Strong and durable shell and good temperature resistance.

6. Compliance with industrial specifications (CE FCC UL, etc.) and passing stringent tests such as impact, drop and shock.


The application of these security technologies will face great difficulties in real-time and cost. At present, the application and design of industrial Ethernet is mainly based on engineering practice and experience. The data transmission between control system and operation station, optimization system workstation, advanced control workstation and database server is the main part of the network. The network load is stable and periodic.


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